Dossiernummer Titel Trefwoorden
K9341 Business Analytics business analysis; big data; decision making
K9330 Business Analytics data science; praktijktoepassingen
K9322 Data Science data; analyse; governance
K9321 Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Wetgeving big data; artificiele intelligentie; wetgeving
K9268 Intelligent Data Engineering data science; data engineering
K9269 Multimedia Analytics data science; multimedia; artificial intelligence
K9266 Computational Science informatics; information processing; data
K9257 Statistics for both Theoretical Issues and Problems in Application Areas statistics; stochastics; application
K9232 AI & Mobiilty artificial intelligence; mobility
K9230 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning knowledge representation; artificial intelligence
K9231 AI and Behavioural Change artificial intelligence; human behaviour
K9227 Autonomous Intelligent Systems autonomous system; artificial intelligence
K9228 Natural Language and AI artificial intelligence; natural language
K9229 AI, Ethics and Law artificial intelligence; ethics; law
K9226 Artificial Intelligence artificial intelligence; design; human intelligence
K9225 Applied Data Science data science; application
K9224 Algorithms algorithm; computer science
K9170 Design of Experiments statistics; experiment
K9172 Blockchain for Digital Manufacturing and Logistics blockchain technology; manufacturing; logistics
K9168 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting time series; forecasting