Administration Litigation

Legal action is sometimes necessary in sectors and areas of law in which the government plays a dominant role. In a strongly regulated society, policy changes, market regulation and the enforcement of rules, including those relating to construction and the environment, pose a day-to-day dilemma. These can have a material impact on business processes and in some cases may threaten the continuity of a particular business. The regulation of financial institutions or controlled industries such as energy, media and telecom, significantly impacts operational management in these sectors. Likewise, the enforcement of rules governing food and product safety, nature and the environment, the suspension of industry subsidies, or intervention in the event of unfair competition, are decisions that potentially carry material consequences.
We have specialised teams that deal with legal challenges in all of these areas. These teams not only are familiar with the typical aspects of government intervention, but also possess mastery of the specific skills needed to negotiate with and where appropriate take legal action for or against governments.

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