Architectural design and interiors

Research of architectural design, i.e. interiors, is concerned with the way that Interiors, buildings and cities are made, used and situated within culture. medium scale public buildings as our design tasks, but our approach to design is rooted in the practice of interiors. This has traditionally been less confined by design ideologies than architecture and more nakedly in contact with its clients, physically, emotionally and financially.
A skilled Interior designer will understand how someone wants to enter and be seated in a restaurant, look out of the window in the place where they work, or find privacy in a public place. To do this the designer relies on a sense of the micro-culture in which she or he is working and skills in making the fabric of the building speak. These things are not mysterious, but just a very focused form of the abilities that everyone uses to empathise and to communicate with each other using words, body language and objects.

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