Dutch Supreme Court Litigation

When a client lodges an appeal in cassation to the Dutch Supreme Court, they expect their case to be handled at the very highest level; commercially, strategically and legally. The interests at stake often extend beyond the case in hand. Often, an appeal to the Supreme Court is launched with the objective of influencing the legal infrastructure, since the rulings of the Supreme Court are the backbone of this infrastructure. Our office offers all these services. Our cassation group primarily serves law firms, companies and government agencies. As a matter of principle, we will usually handle the case in close co-operation with the lawyer who handled the case in the court of appeal.
Our practice covers the entire arena of civil law, with the emphasis on corporate law, contract law, bank & insolvency law and IP law. Our cassation lawyers are firmly embedded in the broad litigation practice of our office. As such, they have direct access to the specific know-how and experience of our specialist lawyers, enabling us to offer our clients an efficient and effective case for the Supreme Court.

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