e-Consultation in primary care

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the motivations and barriers for using e-consult of patients who have no experience with this service. Patient groups were distinguished to explore differences in attitude towards e-consult use of those groups most at risk, like the elderly, lower educated patients, chronic users of medication, and frequent GP visitors.The survey assessed patients’ motivations for using e-consult, the expected barriers towards the use e-consult, the conditions for using e-consult, the expected benefits of using a digital triage application (special format of e-consult), and socioeconomic characteristics of the patients.
The findings of this study show that the motivation to use e-consult is primarily related to the expected benefits of using a digital triage application for self-care. The findings also show that the people who want to use e-consult most, have most problems with access to it. To foster the use of e-consultation into primary care we need to take into account patient (risk) profiles; the access to e-consult needs to be improved in order to reach those patients who want it most.

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