Geo-environmental engineering

Geo-environmental engineering provides the necessary knowledge for engineers dealing with a sustainable use and protection of the natural soils. In a broader sense it concerns all environmental issues with a relation to the shallow and deep subsurface. Transport Processes. Transport problems in porous media and in cavities formed by natural processes (underground coal fires) and anthropogenic activities (salt caverns). Research topics: Electromagnetic detection of (biological) processes in the subsurface; Interaction projects with soil-mechanics, with an emphasis on smart soil technology; Modelling of coupled transport and (bio)degradation processes in landfills; Sequestration of greenhouse gas; Transport of heat and mass related to the interaction of the implementation renewable energy sources and the subsurface; Sustainable use of soil functions in urban settings; The role of (microbiological) reactive flow in safe drinking water, soil pollution and waste deposits; Use of petroleum technology for environmental remediation.

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