Macro-organic chemistry

The field of macro-organic chemistry closes the gap between organic chemistry on the one hand and macromolecular chemistry and materials on the other hand. Macro-organic chemistry is used to express the organic approach to study (bio)macromolecules and/or macroscopic systems. By using the perfection in structure and reactions, so common to the organic chemist, in the field of (bio)macromolecular and/or macroscopic systems, we are aiming at finding the ultimate properties of (bio)materials. Nature already explores the unique features of well-defined architectures to achieve the appropriate functions and structures. Therefore, protein engineering and modern aspects of chemical biology are topics recently added to our research. Supramolecular medicine and biomaterials. Supramolecular polymers and helical, aggregates and chirality. Protein engineering. Self-assembled pi-conjugated systems.

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