Mass Litigation & Collective Settlements

Mass litigation or class actiona are today an accepted instrument for bringing consumer and securities cases before a court. Typically, these cases involve major interests, financial and reputational, and often incur significant publicity. They often also involve interests from politicians and regulatory bodies.
Our office has for many years been a trusted adviser to companies involved in class action or group litigation. ‘Do you choose to sit still while you are being shaved, or fight back to influence the public opinion?’ ‘Sue or settle? Which will it be, and when?’ These are questions that require a clear analysis and a clear mindset. It also calls for a cool-headed analysis of the conflict within a company’s commercial and operational context, and very considerable experience in cases of this type.
Our litigation lawyers, who specialise in class action or group litigation, provide company management and board directors with expert advice in this area. And we’re not afraid to hold up a mirror to the client, even when the time for settlement has arrived.

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