New accelerated weathering and inspection methods for organic coatings

Research programme focuses on the use of electric fields to investigate polymers and as a means to induce structural changes. Dielectric spectroscopy is explored for studying network formation, the properties of liquid crystalline main-chain and side-chain polymers, and the microstructure and properties of polymer blends.
Dielectric spectroscopy is further applied for characterising the durability of coatings. Structural changes induced in polymers by an electric field are studied by measuring the electromechanical response of liquid crystalline elastomeric networks.Heat wave techniques have been developed which allow measurements on the thermal properties of polymer films and coatings during cross-linking or polymerisation. The properties of polymeric nano-structures incorporated in zeolite crystals are analysed as well. Finally, hybrid structures consisting of a (porous) polymer film filled with an electro-active inorganic powder are synthesised and examined.

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