Operational methods production and logistics

The research focuses on the optimization of business processes in industry and service organizations. Special emphasis is on supply chain planning and control, distribution logistics, materials handling, manufacturing and maintenance systems, purchasing and management of health care organizations. Work of the research group is strongly analytical, including a quantitative modeling approach, the development of optimization algorithms and the design of (close to) optimal solutions.
Supply chain management and service logistics: design, planning and control of after-sales supply chains for capital goods, spare parts logistics in relation to maintenance planning and control.
Health care logistics like operating room planning, patient care trajectories. Distribution Logistics like vehicle routing under environmental and legal conditions (congestion, European legislation); distributed planning and control of multi-actor transport networks using agent technology; planning and control of materials handling systems.
Procurement in the public sector: optimal sourcing and cooperative purchasing.

Production management. Project scheduling. Manufacturing systems design, planning and control in make-to-order and engineer-to-order environments.

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