Polymer materials

Focus on the development of advanced polymer materials for mechanical, electrical and optical applications. In addition we are developing novel characterisation methods for polymeric systems.
For the development of new polymer materials the central theme is to make use of self-organisation of the polymer or of components in the material. Self-organisation can occur in polymer systems in the form of liquid-crystallinity due to the rigid polymer backbone or by attachment of rigid mesogenic side-groups.In addition self-organisation can occur in inhomogeneous systems, e.g. with colloidal rod-like or plate-like particles acting as fillers in a polymer matrix. Self-organisation can also occur in block-copolymers and in molecular systems via specific interactions between the molecular species e.g. by hydrogen bonding or by using metal-ligand interactions. In all these cases the aim is to develop polymer materials and their processing so that the desired structure for the intended application occurs spontaneously, rather than by post processing techniques such as drawing or stretching.
Designing high perfomance polymer electrolyte membranes. Discotic Liquid Crystalline Polymers. Innovative water borne automotive coatings.

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