Radiation radionuclides reactors

Our research is on physics of nuclear reactors designs and analyses new nuclear reactor systems to improve the sustainability of nuclear power. Fundamental aspects of materials and energy investigates functional and structural materials with a view toward practical applications. The main focus is on the relation between structure, dynamics and function on atomic and nano scales.
Neutron and positron methods in materials. Instruments and methods for optimal use of neutrons and positrons.
Radiation and radioisotopes for health. Innovative production and applications of radioisotopes. Radioactive compounds, radiation burden and image quality in diagnostics and therapy.
Research focuses on the detection and use of radiation (including light quanta, X-rays and gamma radiation, neutrons, electrons and positrons, protons, and light ions) and on luminescence materials (gamma ray scintillators, neutron scintillators, storage phosphors, luminescence phosphors).

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