Tax Litigation

Corporation taxes affect every company. Executives, board directors, shareholders and other stakeholders all share a common interest, which is to place the company in as favourable a tax position as possible. But they also share an apprehension for tax claims. This is an area fraught with tension and the possibility of a potential dispute with the Dutch Revenue Service and/ or local authorities demands constant vigilance. Generally, such disputes arise following an audit or investigation. They can also arise when a company has decided to put its affairs in order, but has not adopted the correct approach.
Our firm assists companies in the event of a tax dispute. Our tax lawyers approach disputes first and foremost with the interests of the company and its stakeholders firmly at heart. Supervisory boards of directors, registered accountants and banks also have a stake in the competent handling of a (looming) tax dispute. Directors want to be protected from liability, either on taxation or criminal grounds.

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