Telecom, Media & Technology Litigation

The telecommunications and media markets are strictly regulated by agencies such as the Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority (OPTA), the Telecom Communications Agency and the Commissariaat voor de Media.
OPTA may oblige operators to provide competitors access to their network at cost-based rates, determined by OPTA. The Telecom Communications Agency strictly supervises compliance with frequency permits. The Commissariaat voor de Media enforces media laws pertaining to advertising, sponsorship and ancillary activities of programme providers. These are just some examples of the many issues that are dealt with through the courts.
Our expert team is highly experienced in this regulated market. We have consistently represented a wide range of parties in often complex proceedings. Where appropriate, our experienced lawyers have taken action against the relevant regulatory bodies. Our expert team regularly represens clients in the highest courts. Our lawyers are often able to avoid unnecessary proceedings. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of law and the market.

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