Testing facilities fibre, pulp, paper and board

Fibres, pulp, paper and board are analysed for different purposes by standard or specially developed methods.
Fibre testing: chemical composition; cellulose crystallinity; cellulose degree of polymerisation; microscopy.
Pulp testing: flexibility; relative bonded area; surface area fibres and fines, hydraion/swelling, compressibility.
Paper testing: conditioning at different and changing atmospheres; physical properties; strength properties; permeability and absorption properties; optical properties; microbiological properties.
Packaging testing: transport simulation, variable conditions; gas permeability system; water vapour permeability; modelling of cardboard packaging.
Coating testing: developing and improving coatings: adhesion; flexibility; hardness and abrasion; contact angle measurement; gloss and printability.
Pulping and refining: chemical, alkaline and solvent pulping; low-consistency refining;
Bleaching technology: oxidative and reductive bleaching sequences.
Enzyme technology/microbiological: fibre modification; de-watering; porosity.

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