Thermal and materials processes

Thermal processes are everywhere. The earth and all life on it, as well as virtually all of man’s attempts to influence, modify and control it’s surroundings are inconceivable without processes for the transport and management of heat. Heat in the form of solar radiation is at the beginning of the earth’s energy supply chain. In the past, it was stored in large amounts and high concentrations in fossil fuels. Heat is also at the end of most – natural and man-made – energy transformation chains. It is then a low quality, highly diluted form of energy, which can nonetheless be of great practical importance. We use heat to climatize our indoor environment and to prepare our food. We need it to make glass, plastics, paper and beer. The operation of car engines, gas turbines, power plants, oil refineries, laptop computers, and coffee machines depends on it.
focus on phenomena taking place at small (nano and micro) scales and on their interaction with larger scale phenomena, to complement the classical, macroscopic, phenomenological models of heat transfer.
Materials processes. Thin film deposition techniques.

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