Transaction Related Litigation

Transactions involving listed companies are increasingly at the centre of disputes. Shareholders are pursuing aggressive strategies; small shareholders are well organised and properly equipped to bring their viewpoint to the attention of the court. Obtaining deal certainty, and maintaining the momentum in a transaction requires the timely involvement of our corporate litigators.
Our office has unrivalled experience in supporting public M&A transactions. In fact, our lawyers have played leading roles in the majority of public bids in the last two years. Our litigators are part of the deal team from the preparatory stage. They map the risks and advise on the robustness of transaction structures and minority squeeze-out mechanisms. When it comes to proceedings, they are fully up to speed.
Private M&A transactions also regularly lead to disputes. We handle court cases in all transaction-related matters, such as suspended negotiations, bid rigging, claims under guarantee and indemnity provisions, and earn-out provisions.

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