Turbulence and two-phase flow

Fully developed turbulence is one of the big unsolved problems in fluid dynamics. The main question is the distribution of rare events, which has important implications for, e.g., flight safety.
We approach this problem from a fundamental point of view, both experimentally, theoretically, and numerically.
One particular important type of turbulence is turbulence (partly) driven by body forces, such as buoyancy. This can happen by either thermally driving the turbulence or also by driving the turbulence through bubbles or dispersed particles. Both will be advected by the flow but also act back on the surrounding liquid (two-way coupling).
Light particles in turbulent flows. Bubbly drag reduction and turbulent Taylor-Couette flow. Thermal convection. High Rayleigh number thermal convection. Rotating thermal convection. Multiphase Rayleigh-Bénard convection. Forces on bubbles and particles in rotating flows. Impact on water surfaces.

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