Dependable systems and networks

An ICT-system is called dependable if reliance can justifiably be placed on the services it delivers. It is clear that the increasing societal and business reliance on correct and timely operation of ICT systems asks explicitly for dependable systems. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to be able to design and implement ICT systems such that they are dependable. In the (recent) past, dependability of systems was an explicit design issue primarily for mission-critical systems, like in aeronautics, aerospace and military applications. These days, however, ICT is used as part of an ever-growing variety of applications, which might not be as mission-critical as a space mission, but still that critical that lives are threatened or high costs are incurred in case of malfunctioning ICT. As examples, think of embedded systems (fly-by-wire, drive-by-wire, logistics control, mobile communications) but also e-business systems (online auctions, online-retail, bank and stock-exchange trading systems) and medical systems (e.g. cardio/vascular X-ray machines for interventional radiology).

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