Dossiernummer Titel Trefwoorden
K9412 Creative Industries games; fashion; music; sounds
K9411 Can games be used for the greater good? gaming; serious games
K9410 Media, Privacy & Surveillance multimedia; artificial intelligence
K9407 Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics computer vision; graphics
K9406 Computer Architecture informatica; computing
K9333 Communicatie en informatie communicatie; media; cognitie
K9329 Media Design media; design; interactiviteit
K9298 Architecture of Identities and 4D Research architecture; identity
K9273 Video & Image Sense artificial intelligence; computer vision; deep learning
K9270 Multiscale Networked Systems multiscale system; data science; networking
K9271 Parallel Computing Systems parallel computing; networking
K9272 Theory of Computer Science computer science; computational techniques
K9265 Machine Learning informatics; machine learning; data
K9267 Computer Vision computer vision; color processing; 3d reconstruction; object recognition
K9264 Informatics informatics; information system; data
K9235 Intelligent Software Systems software systems; programming
K9236 Interaction Technology informatics; interaction; communication
K9234 Information and Computing Sciences software; algorithms; information
K9221 Intelligent Software Systems software; language; application; game
K9196 Serious Gaming gaming; health; learning