Human media interaction

Computers operate in everyday life as universal media machines presenting multi-media information and as communication devices connecting people. Interaction between the human user and the computer nowadays is a prominent topic of interest to researchers and designers. The design of intelligent interactive systems that allow users to interact naturally with the computer is the main focus of research.
The design of this new generation of advanced systems involves various issues from the field of human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence. Virtual and augmented reality research and graphics are used to simulate real and imagined environments that can be experienced visually in 3D. Agent technology and artificial intelligence techniques are used in the development of Intelligent embodied agents situated in virtual environments. The techniques can also be used to build ambient intelligent systems: context-aware interfaces embedded in the environment that adapt to the changing contexts in which users employ the systems or smart interfaces that learn the needs and wishes of specific users over time. Ambient intelligence and smart environments require the modeling of the behavior of inhabitants and the modeling of the social and intelligent interaction between inhabitants (humans, smart devices, synthetic personalities, robots) in a smart, understanding and supporting environment. Hence, research in the area of multi-party interaction is important.

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