Photonic integration technology

Research is based on realization of a broad range of functionalities with a small set of building blocks which can be realized in a generic technology, just like transistors, capacitors and resistors in electronics (CMOS).
Basic builidng blocks are: passive waveguide devices like waveguides, MMI-couplers,and AWGs; semiconductor optical amplifiers, which can in reverse bias, also be used as rf detectors; electro-refractive modulators; polarisation converters; spot size converters for improving packaging tolerances; deep etched DBR-gratings for providing on chip reflectors.

Research focuses on two activities:
1) exploring and extending the application potential of the generic technology in advanced photonic ICs for use in a broad range of fields (like telecoms, datacoms, sensors, health, security and metrology) and
2) expanding the potential of the generic technology by adding novel building blocks.

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