Technical medicine

Extremely rapid developments in emerging fields as molecular biology and tissue engineering, microfluidics, nanomedicine, optics and imaging technology, microrobotics, genomics and metabolomics, and ICT will increasingly affect clinical practice in patient care and cure. The rapid development of micro- and nano- technology for biological and medical applications holds significant promise for the creation of new diagnostic and therapeutic avenues in the progress towards personalized medicine.
Fundamental and applied research will focus on the cross points of these areas of specialization with the levels of diagnosis and treatment in medicine. Research at the interface of Macroscopic and Minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic modalities will thus be predominantly applied, whereas research at the cross point with cellular and molecular diagnosis and therapy will at least initially be of a more fundamental nature. Results from this research will induce new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Nanotechnology and microfluidics will generate a considerable refinement of diagnosis and treatment and will thus enable increasingly individualized diagnosis and treatment.

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