Thin film transistors

The goal of the research program is to realize transistors and circuits equivalent to the MOSFETs using single-crystalline Si despite of the restriction of the low temperature processing compatible with a glass or flexible plastic substrate. The single grain Si TFTs are promising for complex circuit integration in flat panel displays on large glass substrate, enabling for example, a sheet like computer. The results also widen the possibilities of this technology to applications that require flexible plastic substrates. It can even be applied on already processed micro-electronic circuits or devices, i.e., 3D-ICs where various block and systems can be stacked up on each other with dense vertical interconnects.
The research program focuses on realization of high performance TFTs and also circuits in close co-operation with industry.
Single grain Si thin film transistors and circuits. 3D integrated circuits using stacking the single-grain Si TFTs. High performance single-grain TFTs on plastic substrates

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