Dossiernummer Titel Trefwoorden
K9344 Public Control and Governance governance; public value
K9334 Public Governance governance; bestuurskunde
K9323 Law and Technology law; technology; regulation
K9318 Responsiveness, Adaptability and Resilience in Law and Governance law; governance; adaptability
K9312 Governance and Technology governance; technology; information
K9313 Law and Governance law; public administration; governance
K9310 Governance and Sustainability governance; sustainability; stakeholder
K9311 Governance and Servitization governance; servitization; online platforms
K9309 Public Governance public governance; public domain
K9304 Corporate Governance corporate governance
K9287 Labour Law labour law
K9288 Jurisprudence legislation; jurisprudence
K9289 International Military Operational Law military law; technology
K9285 Information Law information law
K9286 Tax Law tax law
K9282 Law in Armed Conflict and Military Operations legislation; armed conflict; military
K9283 European Private Law european private law; societal development
K9284 European Law and Governance european law; governance
K9280 Tax Law ACTL international tax law
K9281 Law and Economics legislation; economy